It is the home team's responsibility to input the game on GameChanger. It is recommended someone score the whole game, but at least input the final score to keep the media informed and standings up to date. If the game is not scored it won't show up on the scoreboard. Scoring a game can only be done by the team's administrator on the GameChanger app. Each team is allowed 3 admins, but I will stay on as one of those three to be able to set things up or make changes for the league. To be an admin you need to first become a fan of that team and let a current admin can then make you an admin.

To input the final score (You must be an admin and only one admin score per game)
1-Go to (your team).
2-Go to Schedule.
3-Go to the game being scored.
4-Go to Score Game.
5-Go to leave as is.
6-Go to Menu.
7-Go to Override.
8-Input final score and how many innings.
12-Game Over.
13-Skip & Finalize

If your score keeping device does not have data, you will need to load the game while you have an internet connection. (At the diamond you can use another device with data as a personal hotspot to load the game.) If you have data on your device, the game can be scored live and be followed pitch by pitch.

Please let me know of any game rescheduling by email or text 780-625-6536.

Please be sure to load the correct game to be scored.

Make sure the home and away are set correctly.

Please get the lineup cards to the GameChanger scorekeeper ASAP so there is time to find the correct players. If you have a player that has never been on your roster before, it would be nice to let the scorekeeper know.

Please try not to add a new player when they already exist. (If this happens, stats can be edited to the original player and the new player deleted after, but this makes more work.)

Please be careful when entering players with the same last name. Especially when they have the same first initial.

Please NEVER change the name of another team's player because the original player's stats move to the name you just gave. Jersey numbers are used with a grain of salt because there are usually a couple jerseys that go to “pickup” players.

Please let the scorekeeper know when players are subbed in or moved in the field especially for pitching stats.

Assigning plays/errors are at the discretion of the scorekeeper.

Please remember most stats can be edited after by an admin from your team.