2013 ALL-STAR GAME - Sunday, June 23

The Skills Contest is at 1:00 PM on Sunday, June 23. The All-Star Game follows at 3:00 PM. This years event is sponsored by OT Sports Excellence in Peace River. The Skills Contest has 3 events. In the "Hitting Contest" players will have 9 attempts to hit the ball to a live field, hitters will have runners running for them and each ball is played live, total bases collected after 9 attempts wins, and home runs wil be 4 total bases plus a free attempt. In the "Base Running Contest" players will each run home to first, home to second, home to third, players will have the option of re-running one attempt for the 4th run, total combined lowest time wins. In the "Pitching Contest" each MPH reached will gain points, players will get 10 pitches to hit 5 targets in which points are awarded for each target, remaining balls after 5 targets hit will be worth points. Winners of each event will receive a prize from OT Sports Excellence. The players selected for this year's All-Star Game are listed below:


Player Team
Will White RR
Braydon Zahara RR
Andrew Nash RR
Trevor Kuran PR
Jevon Titus PR
Chris Vautour PR
Kyle Bucknell GP
Jason Green GP
Byryn Murphy GP
Cole Robert GH
Bond Hawryluk GH
Adam Schlack GH
Craig Stewart FSJ
Kalen Large FSJ
Christian Sosa FSJ


Player Team
Morgan Zahara RR
Dustin Selbach RR
Elliot Holthe RR
Justin Olson PR
Tim Clayton PR
Jeremy Muise PR
Tyler Vekved GP
Cory Sauve GP
Brent Might GP
Ty Wiebe GH
Ian Dickson GH
Kyle Smith GH
Kurtis Little FSJ
Byron Grady FSJ
Jon Tighe FSJ